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Where to go on a honeymoon trip?

Last year I got married as well. As I have already mentioned, the choice was simple for me, if not simpler than before. I was watching his works all the time and I knew that when he was a photographer, he was just Paweł. Unfortunately, life directed us a bit differently and it was not available at that time. I admit that I was sad because I had no idea where to make a wedding and what dress to wear, but I knew exactly which photographer I wanted. I had no idea what to do, who to choose. Paweł recommended me who I could choose and we agreed that since he cannot be at the wedding, he will give us an outdoor wedding session. And so began the road that took me and my husband several thousand kilometers from home, the way to experience a sensational adventure.

Honeymoon to the other side of the world – Fiji

I don’t remember exactly when this idea came up, but it was a completely crazy idea at first. And tempting! He told me about his plans, about the desire to go to Sydney for a few months, about the fact that he was seriously preparing for it, and asked if we would like an outdoor session … in Fiji. I found this idea as amazing as almost unreal. Fiji. Where it is? When? How? Of course, a thousand questions arose. We met, initially discussed what and how the idea slowly began to come into effect. Thanks to Paweł’s idea, in April this year we had the best journey of our lives so far. Let’s add, a honeymoon. From the meeting in Krakow for coffee, when we were loosely talking about the trip, there was a meeting at the Sydney Opera House, and then we were already sitting on a Fiji Airways plane headed in the obvious direction.

Wedding session during your honeymoon

Paweł is a perfectionist type, which I found out the most during the session in Fiji. Once in paradise, he felt a lot of pressure to take such good pictures that when something did not go as it should (eg an unplanned, huge, tropical rainstorm) he felt stressed. He just takes his job very seriously and takes it responsibly. He lives photography, lives his passion and devotes himself to what he does. Sometimes it takes 20 – 30 minutes to take one frame, for example to take one picture from the water. First, prepare the equipment properly, then yourself, and then catch “it” in this water. But then he wants to change the lens and all over again. We also had the opportunity to take photos on the island where “Cast Away” was filmed. It was one of the most amazing experiences. Beautiful, small, but wild island. After the shoot there, I found the photographer’s job to be very enjoyable, but and heavy. It was incredibly hot and Paweł was running from one bank to the other, top and bottom, to get one but really good shot. He even had sweat from his ears ☺ He is very demanding, but in a positive sense. He can loosen the situation, he can direct well and knows what he wants. First of all, he treats each pair individually. That was my impression. Full professionalism. His photos are distinguished by an amazing sense of space, beautiful colors, diligence, a specific, nostalgic atmosphere and this way of looking at everyone in a unique way. Each photo carries an emotional charge.

Paweł is not interested in half-measures. How to learn from the best at the other end of the world, how to take pictures is only good or not at all. He is an ambitious, talented and fun perfectionist who looks at the world and people around him with great sensitivity. Well, of such a mixture of traits, there can only be good results.

If I were to recommend a photographer, it is probably already clear who I would recommend with all my heart ☺

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