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Pawel Sarota | Global destination wedding photographer


“Pawel is an immensely talented photographer. When you meet him the added bonus is that he is a lovely and down-to-earth guy, who is totally dedicated to his craft.”
A Grand
to Tell

The following chapters, unique characters and a grand story to tell. There’s no doubt that each wedding writes its own book. With all those unforgettable moments that create a beautiful substance. A plot filled with

Touch, Emotions & Love

My purpose is to craft narrative through imagery. To capture the essence.
I want to tell your story.


Over 100 couples trusted in my workshop.
Over 100 wedding stories I encapsulated through my lens.

Around the globe

Destination photography

Whether it’s to document your wedding day or curate a post-wedding portraiture.
I’ll travel across the globe to create those spectacular images for you.
Wherever Your Dream Destination is I’ll reach it with you.