Joanna & Douglas

Joanna Krupa

We found Paweł on the Internet and immediately wanted him to be our wedding photographer. We couldn’t imagine having better pictures. Thank you so much!

sorel & paul

Rancho San Julian

From the start, Paweł’s communication with us was excellent. He’s very easy to talk to and collaborate with – so much so that we ended up hiring him for both of our weddings: one celebration in Kraków, and the other in Santa Barbara! He brought the same consistent quality to both events. During the ceremonies, Paweł blended in, but also felt like family – his warmth and positivity rubbed off on everyone and helped create a good tone. Of course, a wedding photographer is nothing without stunning photos – and Paweł delivered, producing many fantastic images that captured and immortalized our special days. The proof is in the photographs themselves.

magdalena & adam

Rozalin Palace

Cooperation with Paweł is one of the best decisions we made during the preparations for the wedding ceremony and reception. When we saw his portfolio (and dozens of others), we had no doubt that this was the person we were looking for. His photos are absolutely unique, we wanted a coverage without overgrowing the content, and that’s exactly what Paweł created. It was amazing that on the wedding day, as a photographer, he was practically invisible, his presence did not disturb us or our guests. Not until when we got the album ready it turned out that Paweł was literally everywhere, he captured many fleeting moments, meaningful looks, smiles and tears of emotion that we missed. We are delighted with talent and professionalism as well as with how positive, open and kind person Paweł is.
Thank you!

Karolina & Michal

Goetz Palace

What can I say – the photos are beautiful, we can’t even choose our favorites! Not a single photo needed to be hidden, each one has something special about it. The guests are also delighted and say that they have not seen such a good pictures in a long time. The photos perfectly reflect the atmosphere during the day, you can see all the accompanied emotions from joy through love to having fun. We would like to thank you for your cooperation, looking at the photos, we will always remember you with pleasure. Pawel, let me repeat myself, but you are a great guy because we already knew a great photographer before the wedding. The atmosphere, personal culture, a lot of smile, peace, play, it all made you a good soul in all this madness ? Thank you very much!

sherin & simon

Minoga Palace

Pawel was a photographer at our wedding in Krakow this summer and, from start to finish, the experience was simply brilliant! You only have to take a quick glance at his website or instagram to see that Pawel is an immensely talented photographer. When you meet him the added bonus is that he is a lovely and down-to-earth guy, who is totally dedicated to his craft. On the day, he invisibly captured with true originality and creativity the real impressions of our wedding <<3 Words cannot describe how happy we are with the pics! Looking at them we relive all the moments and emotions of our big day all over again, which is exactly what we were hoping for! Thank you SO much, Pawel! 

paola & Lukasz


Thanks to his work, Paweł created a beautiful wedding souvenir – photos that we often return to, which bring back memories of this special day for us. He is professional, takes care of details and most importantly, has an extraordinary sense of the moment, he can discreetly capture what is elusive … Thank you

graZyna & bartosz

Thailand Portraits

Paweł is not just a photographer – he is the emotions hunter. His pictures say much more than 1000 words and hold beautiful stories. How it’s possible that he is so good? It’s quite simple – he is driven by the passion and love and he knows how to get best of this combination. More over, Pawel is a great person to work with and a great person in general. He is sensitive, flexible and open however at the end of the day he is 100% pro. It’s a big helper for all non-professional models.

aleksandra & bartosz

The wild portraits

We have been looking for a photographer for a long time who would capture us with interesting and atmospheric frames. We wanted our wedding day to be immortalized in a “magical” way. We’ve done it! We reached Paweł, who from the very beginning of our cooperation showed his full commitment and individual approach to us and our celebration. As a result, we have received photographs that delight us and our loved ones every day, every time we view them. Paweł is an incredibly committed photographer, bursting with positive energy, and working with him is pure pleasure. We are waiting for another photo opportunity .. Thank you!

gosia & wojtek

Czech Portraits

Pawel’s photographs are so beautiful, couples have real feelings so we could feel the same watching these pictures. Before our wedding session with Pawel we were a little stressed, because we were not sure if we could show our feelings as good as on other Pawel’s photographs, on which couples look so natural. So then we were wondering – how Pawel is doing that, that in every photograph people feelings look so real? Where is the trick? It was about creating a 100% natural atmosphere during the session, where we simply talk about our memories, wedding time and other “nice” things in people life. We don’t even remember when exactly Pawel was making pictures. Because this session was like meeting with friend, with someone who would like to celebrate our best time and memories with us. Thank you Pawel for beautiful session and in the meantime – great spent time together in Mikulov.

monika & grzegorz


I knew that I would choose Paweł one day. Why? About it soon… Paweł was a photographer at my sister’s wedding. For her, the choice was also easy. Then I had the opportunity to learn more about his approach and way of working. The most amazing thing is that you cannot feel his presence. As if he wasn’t there. No setup, no commands, no stress. There is a newslywed, there are guests, there are emotions, emotions, there is fun. There is Paweł on the side, discreetly, and yet always at the right moment, at the right moment, seeing something that others are missing. My sister (bride) asked Paweł in the middle of the wedding if he had taken any pictures at all, because she had not seen him. This confirms in the best way that you can feel comfortable in the presence of the photographer. This also translates a lot into photos that are natural, not forced, full of emotions, with soul and character. Paweł is a perfectionist type, which I found out about during the session in Fiji. He lives photography, lives his passion and devotes himself incredibly to what he does. We also had the opportunity to take pictures on the island where “Cast Away” was filmed. It was one of the most amazing experiences. Beautiful, small, but wild island. After the session there, I found the photographer’s job to be very enjoyable, but also hard. It was incredibly hot and Paweł was running from side to side, top to bottom, to get one but a really good shot. He even had sweat from his ears ☺ He is very demanding, but in a positive portfolio of the word. He can relax the counselor, he can direct well and knows what. First of all, he treats each couple individually. That was my impression. Full professionalism. His photos are distinguished by an amazing sense of space, beautiful colors, diligence, a specific, nostalgic atmosphere and this way of looking at everyone in a unique way. Each photo carries an emotional charge. Paweł is not interested in half measures. He is an ambitious, talented and fun perfectionist who looks at the world and people around him with great sensitivity. Well, of such a mixture of traits, there can only be good results. f I were to recommend a photographer, it is probably already clear who I would recommend with all my heart 🙂