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About me

Since it’s all about the stories, I’ll venture a personal one. In 2019 I was slowly approaching my thirties, when I married the most beautiful person in the world, my soulmate Paulina. At that time I have had witnessed over 100 weddings.

Over 100 couples placed trust in my workshop. Over 100 stories I captured in images.

My career began in 2010 and since then I have been constanstly improving my profession as a wedding photographer and visual storyteller. I’ve travelled the globe capturing little moments that can be cherished forever. Achieved a significant experience, won international awards, but most of all I gained trust.

So to say the least, I feel grateful.

Do you dream of some place on earth?

Just tell me where

Wherever on Earth is your dream place for a wedding session, it will be my great pleasure to get there with you.