Wedding in Tuscany

Polskie wesele we Włoszech w Toskanii

Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany wedding

Beautiful landscapes, stunning art, romantic cities, and ancient festivals create a mix of colours, scents and sounds, and ofcourse world famous food and wines. What could be more romantic for a wedding day? I love to spend there time and photograph.

Polish wedding in Tuscany

Karolina and Waclaw live in Krakow, but they love Tuscany too. They decided to choose the place for the special day. Camaiore is the city, where they like to spend their free time. That’s why they organised everything in the private villa except ceremony, which was in church with polish priest.

Wedding photo session in Tuscany, Italy

I love to travel to photograph weddings and photo sessions. The first day I came to Camaiore and we disscused our plans. The second day was the wedding day, and 2 days after, we had time for a wedding photo session. We thought to ‘take a walk’ for the hill, which was close to us. Our trip took around 6 hours but we had amazing sunset and we took incredible photos. Thank you for this opportunity and trust!

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