Mikulov Wedding Portraits

Wedding session in Mikulov

Destination portraits

Before our wedding time we were wondering, where we would like to go on our wedding session. What was the place, where we had best memories, feelings and some kind of magic. For us it was Mikulov – a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic, located directly on the border with Lower Austria. Why there? One year before Gosia had long business trip (ca. 5 months) in the Czech Republic and she lived closed to Mikulov. When Wojtek was driving during weekends, we spent a lot of time in Mikulov. We drank great wine from nearby vineyards in cute and small restaurants on market square and in the meantime – we were planning our wedding, so it was special time spent in Mikulov. This city always reminds us, how we were excited before our wedding and of course – how we were felt in love. Additionally, Mikulov is small city but very cute, with colorful small buildings, beautiful view on vineyards and with no tourists at all. That’s why we decided, that we could come back to Mikulov again during our wedding session. If we talk about wedding session – there is only one person in our head – Pawel ☺.

An emotional wedding session abroad

“Pawel’s photographs are so beautiful, couples have real feelings so we could feel the same watching these pictures. Before our wedding session with Pawel we were a little stressed, because we were not sure if we could show our feelings as good as on other Pawel’s photographs, on which couples look so natural. So then we were wondering – how Pawel is doing that, that in every photograph people feelings look so real? Where is the trick? It was about creating a 100% natural atmosphere during the session, where we simply talk about our memories, wedding time and other “nice” things in people life. We don’t even remember when exactly Pawel was making pictures. Because this session was like meeting with friend, with someone who would like to celebrate our best time and memories with us.

Thank you Pawel for beautiful session and in the meantime – great spent time together in Mikulov.

Gosia & Wojtek

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