Wedding session in Norway – trip to Trolltunga

Wedding session in Norway – Trolltunga

Norway is amazing. I would like to do all the photo session there. Before this place I had the opportunity to visit Lofoten and Preikestolen, but Trolltunga is something special and hard to get, which made me very eager to do a session there. I saw some single photos of this place, but no “story”. I like and try to do something different than everyone else.

Interesting places for a wedding session in Norway

The idea of this kind of session appeared in March this year. Zosia’s first reaction was: “Wow, cool, but no, no … I won’t stand there!”. After a few weeks, Zosia spoke up and said thatif they were to do a session, it would be exceptional. We set the date and we startd preperations. We started asking our friends what equipment we should take and thanks to their help we got everything we needed. We also planned about how we will spend these days, so you can assume that the plan was up to 120%, including 20% of plan B, if something went wrong.

Wedding session abroad – how to prepare?

We planned the beginning of the walking expedition for the next morning after our arrival, but the weather verified our intentions. We decided to wait, using that extra 20% of our plan. In the evening, when most of the hikers were returning, we decided to go up. One of the tourists warned us about extremely difficult conditions. I looked with a bit of horror at Jarek and Zosia, because I was worried about them, but the they said that “if we fail, we will pitch the tent, and if there is no place, then we will turn back”.

Dangers during the trip to Trolltunga

The first “attraction” took place when we had to cross the river, because after a day of downpour, there was simply no other option. We lost about 1.5 hours looking for a path that cannot be lost … It was slowly getting dark. It was very wet and slippery everywhere. At one point, Zosia fell on stones – we froze. Fortunately, the face was ok, but the knee was hit. However, she said: “Okay, gentlemen, let’s go on, I’m fine.” She is amazing.

It was 3:30 a.m. we were exhausted and through the intense fog you couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, we saw it. It was an unbelievable feeling. The conditions, were very bad – we pitched our tents, went inside and waited listening to the falling raindrops. My eyes closed by themselves, so I set the alarm clock every 15-20 minutes to check the weather. Around 9 am the conditions were better, so we started preparations and the session itself. It lasted maybe 20 minutes ... Around 6 p.m. we took literally 5 photos, of which one of them (the last one) was selected for the mentioned collection of the best 50 around the world.

How to pack a wedding dress for a photo shoot?

Each of us had a large backpack of about 10-15 kg, with food, tent and clothes. Zosia is also a very talented stylist, and she was able to take care of the clothes and properly protect them against transport.

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