Santorini Wedding Portraits

Santorini – wedding session

The most beautiful places for a wedding session

I think that Santorini is one of a favourite place for weddings and wedding photography. It is an incredibly charming place with beautiful architecture. The white houses that accompany most of the postcards from Greece are in many places on the island, which means that the session can be performed virtually anywhere. Unique sunrises and sunsets also contribute to beautiful photos.

Wedding photos – Santorini

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages of this beautiful place – everyone would like to have photos there and in fact many people choose to do so. You can meet a wedding couple several times a day because they come here from all over the world. The second aspect, or actually the first, are tourists. The narrow paths are small enough that the main cities are crowded most of the day, making it hard to walk, not to mention the photos. Of course, this can be avoided by searching for less crowded places, or by getting up early in the morning for sunrise. I leave the choice to you.

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