Mami Engagement Portraits Photographer

Engagement session in Miami, USA

Where can we do engagement session?

Sometimes I get interesting questions about destination photo session. When Ania asked me if I would like to come to Miami to do engagement session, I didn’t think long. I just checked if I was available and then I started planning everything.

Florida engagement session

Ania and Peter have a beautiful apartment with an amazing view of Miami and that’s where we started. We also had to use the swimming pool on the property. And this is what I always advise you to do – let’s use the places that you know, like and where you feel good.

What to pay attention to when taking wedding photos?

The history of this session is also a bit different than you might expect. Less than 30 minutes after Ania’s departure, her eyes began to swell and weep. We were on our way to Key West. We had to find a clinic and the photos fell into the background. We did what we could and left the rest for next day.

The next day, story was repeated. Ania went to the hospital for tests, but fortunately everything ended well. It turned out that she was allergic to the protective filter.

The third day was definitely better. We took a lot of photos, had a great time. This session confirmed my belief that it is always worth to have more time (days) to make sessions.

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