Palac Goetz Wedding

Palac Goetz Wedding

Elegant wedding – Palac Goetz

The palace is one of the most beautiful places to organize a wedding day. It is elegant, mysterious and unique in many ways. Beautiful rooms where preparations can be made; the chapel next door; large dance floor and seating areas – all these beautiful places can be used and organize a day without traveling.

Wedding photographer with experience.

In my opinion, it is also one of the most demanding places for a photographer. The light is very variable – from perfect to complete darkness. It is worth considering the extra light that is offered when reserving a place, and the photographer must be experienced enough to handle it.

Palac Goetz – Wedding coverage

What can I say – the photos are beautiful, we can’t even choose our favorites! Not a single photo needed to be hidden, each one has something special about it. The guests are also delighted and say that they have not seen such a good pictures in a long time. The photos perfectly reflect the atmosphere during the day, you can see all the accompanied emotions from joy through love to having fun. We would like to thank you for your cooperation, looking at the photos, we will always remember you with pleasure. Pawel, let me repeat myself, but you are a great guy because we already knew a great photographer before the wedding. The atmosphere, personal culture, a lot of smile, peace, play, it all made you a good soul in all this madness 🙂.Thank you very much!

This opinion was shared by Karolina and Michał, and you can see their photos below:

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