Joanna Krupa & Douglas Nunes Wedding

Celebrity photographer – Joanna Krupa and Douglas Nunes

Very special wedding day

“We’ve found Pawel on the Internet and together with Douglas we really wanted him to capture our wedding! We couldn’t have imagined better photos! Thank you very much!”

– Joanna Krupa & Douglas Nunes

Wedding full of stars

Joanna Krupa married Douglas Nunes in Krakow. Family and friends had fun at the wedding of Joanna and Douglas in Poland. There were also much more celebritities from “Top Model” and TVN. The star and the host of the “Top Model” show previously had a civil wedding in the USA, but also decided to a church wedding. I had the pleasure to photograph the entire ceremony, which is an interesting experience with security and paparazzi.

Celebrity wedding photographer

I felt special on various levels. First of all, I was trusted by famous people and I had the opportunity to take pictures. Secondly, I got an experience how to work with stars. The Security, the paparazzi, I had to handle it. Everything was happening very quickly and I had to be even faster. I had literally 3 minutes for the photos that were to appear in the press. However, my many years of experience have shown that I can work quickly, under the pressure and create great photos. The SMS I got after sending the photos says it all:

“You are the best!!!! The best photos, we couldn’t have imagined better pictures!

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